HSE Campaign:-Electrical Fire Hazard

HSE Campaign-06-2017

Topic:- Electrical Fire Hazard

Goals:- To create awareness among the cadet and staff  about the Electrical Fire Hazard and risk associated with it.

Core Team:-Faculty-In-charge, HSE Instructor, HSE Committee members, senior cadet captain, group leader of each team.

Participants:- All Cadets.


  • Videos
  • E-Safety Posters
  • Copy of Area inspection
  • Class room boards
  • Posters
  • Quiz paper
  • External Speakar
  • Poster colours


  • Announcement in the must about launching the campaign
  • Video related to Electrical Fire Hazard
  • E-poster about Electrical Fire Hazard will be displayed continuously on the display screen.
  • To identify the Electrical Fire Hazard in the campus
  • Poster competition (to be divided in to good and bad practice)
  • Quiz competition about Electrical Fire Hazard.
  • Best Group award of the campaign.


  • As first step towards the campaign, a meeting of the core team will be held in which they will be briefed about the plan and the various events organised during the week.
  • Announcement will be made in the muster on the Saturday stating the division, which will participate in the campaign from Monday on-wards, along with the topics. (Each division will have a campaign for a week, thus making it a 2 month program for 8 divisions)
  • Participating division will be divided in to the 10 groups, each has 4 Members.
  • EVENT 1:- Based on the topic for the week, videos will be shown to the cadets, so that they will get fair idea about the topic in an audio-visual format.
  • EVENT 2 a): E-Poster will be shown on the digital screen in academic block to create a general awareness about electrical fire hazard and consequences of improper use of electrical equipment.
  • EVENT 2 b) : The entire campus will be divided into 10 zones and each group will be asked to go on a safety round and check for Electrical fire hazards & classified the hazard and come up with a solution for the same.
  • EVENT 3: Each group has to make a case study presentation of accident & incident related to Electrical fire hazard.
  • EVENT 4: A poster making competition (each poster divided among good and bad practices) will be held to encourage the cadets to think creatively about the topic and come up with a good understanding regarding it.
  • EVENT 5: A quiz competition based on the theme will be held where each group will nominate one cadet for the quiz.
  • An external speaker will be called (occasionally) to speak about the topic and give the cadets a good insight about it.
  • Finally, based on the performance in various activities throughout the week “best group” award will be given away!!

Campaign Planner(view the campaign file)

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