HSE Campaign-Importance of PPE

Campaign: 1/2018

Topic: Importance of PPE

Goals: To create awareness among the cadets about the importance of wearing the right PPE for designated task and how to mitigate, minimize the injuries at the workplace.

Core Team: Faculty Incharge, HSE Instructor, HSE Committee members, senior cadet captain, Group Leader each team.

Participants: All cadets.


  •  Videotel / Karco videos
  •  CBT
  •  Identifying PPE for designated jobplace
  •  Case Studies
  •  Poster competition
  •  Quiz


  •  Announcement in the muster about launching the campaign.
  •  Videotel / Karco videos.
  •  Safety posters related to importance of PPE also to display on each notice board.
  •  To identify the right PPE for designated job place in the campus.
  •  Poster competition(to be divided among good practice and bad practice)
  •  Case studies of injuries related to negligence of not wearing PPE.
  •  Quiz competition related to importance of PPE.
  •  Best group award of the campaign.


  1.  As a first step towards the campaign, a meeting of the core team will be held in which they will be briefed about the plan and the various activities.
  2. An announcement will be made in the muster on Saturday stating which division will be having their campaign from Monday on-wards, along with relevant topics. (Each division will have a campaign for a week, thus making it a 2 month program for 8 divisions).
  3. Each division will then be divided into 10 groups of 4 each.
  4.  Based on the topic for the week, videotel movies will be shown so that the will get a fair idea about the topic in an audio-visual format.
  5. A checklist for PPE has been provided to the each group, while working with the different places in the campus, they have to do the visual check for respective topics.
  6. Each group must read at least one case study of injury related to “not wearing proper PPE” and write summary of the case study.
  7. E – poster competition (each poster divided among good practices and bad practices) will be held to encourage the cadets to think creatively about the topic and come up with a good understanding regarding it.
  8. A quiz competition based on the theme will be held where each group will nominate one candidate for the quiz.
  9. An external speaker will be called (occasionally) to speak about the topic and give the cadets a good insight about it.
  10. Finally, based on the performance in various activities throughout the week “best group” award will be given away!!


Campaign  Planner (view the Campaign)




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