HSE Campaign-Slip Trips and Falls

Campaign 2/2018

Topic:-Slip, Trip and Falls,

Goals:- To create awareness among the cadet about the slip, trip and fall hazard and how to control, minimise the slip, trip and fall hazard in their workplace as well as in their living area.

Core Team:- Faculty Incharge, HSE Instructor, HSE Committee members, Senior cadet captain, Group leader each team.

Participants:- All Cadets.


  • Videotel/Videos
  • Posters
  • Quiz paper
  • E-Posters
  • Class room boards.
  • Safety talk in the muster
  • Training area at slippery surfaces.
  • External Speaker.


  • Announcement in the muster about launching the campaign.
  • Videotel/videos related to the slip, trip and falls.
  • safety posters related to the slip, trip and falls also to display in the E-notice boards.
  • To identify the slip, trip and falls in the campus.
  • E-Poster Competition
  • Demonstration on safe movement on slippery surface(wait, Greasy and platform without hand rail)
  • Quiz competition related to the slip, trip and falls hazard and prevention.
  •  Best group awards in the campaign.


  • As a first step towards the campaign, meeting of a core team will be held in which they will be briefed about the plan and various activities.
  • an announcement will be made in the muster on Saturday stating which division will be having their campaign from Monday, along with the topic.(each division will be having campaign for a week, thus making it 2 months program for 8 divisions).
  • Each division will then be divided into 10 groups of 4 each.
  • Based on the topic for the week, videotel movies will be screened so that the cadets get a fair idea about the topic in an audio-visual format.
  • Safety posters will be displayed on the e-notice boards as well as on the notice-boards of that division, making the topic as the theme for the week!!
  • The entire campus will be divided into 10 zones and each group will be told to go on a safety round and check for any potential hazards and come up with a solution for the same.
  • E- poster competition will be held to encourage the cadets to think creatively about the topic and come up with a good understanding regarding it.
  • A quiz competition based on the theme will be held where each group will nominate one cadet for the quiz.
  • A sequential activity to differentiate between different surfaces (wet, oily or greasy and elevated surface without hand railings) and walk through it with safety measures.
  • An external speaker will be called (occasionally) to speak about the topic and give the cadets a good insight about it.
  • Finally, based on the performance in various activities throughout the week “best group” award will be given away!!

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